“TK Stone Class is on the Ball”

I’ve never understood why people are afraid of change. As an Army Brat, if something wasn’t changing, something was wrong. I thrived on moving and having new experiences with new people each and every year. I think that same desire for change has made an impact on who I am as a public/independent school teacher.

This year, I decided to take out all the desks in my classroom. In their place, my classroom is full of bright red and blue yoga balls. Everyone who hears this story keeps me asking me the same two questions…



“Are you crazy?”

No, I am not crazy…at least most days. Why? My real answer? Because change is good. Just as I enjoy a change in scenery every now and then, our kids enjoy a change of pace. I provide my kids with something different. The one period of “different” keeps them on their toes. It keeps them engaged and interested in learning. It isn’t anything spectacular, and I don’t know if I truly deserve all the praise I am getting, but this one change HAS made an impact.

What I do know is change is good. This change has positively impacted my classroom in one short month more than I could have dreamed. So next time you’re not sure about that new text or incorporating that new idea, just remember that change can be scary (and others will probably call you crazy), but most of the time it will be so worth it.

"Class Kicks Out Chairs"


"Class Kicks Out Chairs 2"




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